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The athletes mindset
The athletes mindset

As an athlete, you may have been told “don't think. Just trust your guts.”

While it can be good advice not to overthink during your performance, it’s not that simple. A human being has on average 6.5 thoughts per minute, and we can process 40 bits of information per second. Oh my, and now you have added an extra thought because you are thinking you should not be thinking !

So, the truth is that you can not “not think” but you can do 3 things:

  1. Make the thinking “before” the performance.

  2. Focus on what’s important during your performance.

  3. Rather than trust your “guts”, trust your skills.

To recommend you to trust your guts is indeed misleading, because no athlete is born a champion. You might have a natural talent or predispositions for your sport, but it takes a lot of work and repetitions to automatize your athletic skills so that they become second nature. And by the way, reflexes and instinctive decisions in sports don’t depend on your guts, it’s still your brain doing the work.

The good news is that if you train “smart”, the shortest time it takes to recognize relevant informations from useless ones is about 0.05 second, which allows you, on the fly, to steer quickly in F1 and avoid a crash or to take advantage of an opening in boxing and send a KO punch.

Train your brain, as you train your muscles. Learn mental skills so that all the decision making and complex mental operations will not slow your performance but happen in lighting-fast reactions.

🏆 Strategize and draw a winning game plan.

🥇 Automatize your competences to an instinctive level.

🥈 Discover how your brain works and take 100% advantage of its capacities.

🥉 Improve your focus on what’s relevant to your performance and get ride of doubts and distractions.

🏅 Learn how to trust your skills so that you can perform freely in competition.

🏆 Improve your confidence, your composure and enter the zone.

and much more…

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